Oct. 24th, 2012

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 *Note: This post is based on my observations of common trends and personal experiences and may not apply to every therian.

A therian is someone who feels they are in part or in whole, spiritually or psychologically a nonhuman animal.

A therian is someone who feels there's something physically wrong with the body they're in, but can't always explain what it is or why.

A therian is someone who comes to the realization that they don't feel right in a human body.

A therian is someone who spends months, often years, telling themselves what they're feeling is crazy. They can't possibly be an animal with a human body.

A therian is someone who represses their nonhuman feelings, despite how much pain it causes them, because society tells them they can't possibly be real.

A therian is someone who finally finds others like them, and slowly releases the suffocating grip they've had on themselves, trying to hide who they really are.

This therian is using her past experiences to advocate for her kind. That we don't need to accept our lot in life. That it's too short to spend it hiding ourselves away, and that we shouldn't have to.

To sem-quote a wonderful movie. "The status is not quo. This world is a mess" and we need to educate it.

And sometimes simply standing up and being yourself is enough.

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