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 It feels good to verbally bitch slap the ignorant, the people who spread rumors, make assumptions then pass them off as true, who make up their own ridiculous ideas that they take as truth until proven otherwise.

I just had a bit of fun doing such a bitch slapping to that obnoxious tumbrl blog Something is Not Right Here. Seriously, this blog and it's bloggers are a menace, especially to otherkin like me who actually desire and strive for change. Change in society, nothing terribly radical at first, but enough so that I don't have to keep who I really am invisible anymore.

And since I'm already fairly certain that tumblr will ignore the email I sent to them complaining about this blog, since this seems to be the trend with them, I've gone ahead and created a petition to have Something Is Not Right Here removed from Tumblr and demanding that the sites staff start taking reports from their users seriously and taking action to moderate the site. Obviously we want as many signatures as we can get on this so please sign it and spread the word. Hopefully we can rid ourselves of at least one troublesome cyber bully.


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Lying is disgusting and if I can avoid it, I will.
The definition I’m using of “can avoid” is if it’s a life or death situation, for example I may lie to talk someone out of committing suicide, or from doing something that would seriously harm them. I won’t lie just because society expects me to in order to blend in.

This is me making a declaration that I won't live a lie anymore. I'm a snow leopard, but I was raised as, and have all of the advantages of a human body, so I will use both to live a more honest, less burdened life. Society can choke on my fluffy phantom tail because I won't cater to it's pressures anymore. I'm an individual and once I'm gone you'll never see the likes of me again. So I'm going to live my life as openly me as possible and people can either embrace that, or turn their heads and pretend I'm not there. At least I'll know which people are worth being friends with.

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The cold weather's rolled around again, and with it I pull out my off-brand wolf spirithood and grey winter cape (I hate coats, they're too restricting on my upper torso). On top of this, I've taken to almost always wearing my grey wolf tail when I go out. At literally every public location I've gone to, the grocery store, the bank, even walking around my neighborhood I get some kind of comment along the lines of "nice costume". My mental response every time has been "but it's not Halloween. This isn't a costume, this is just how I dress."
Being the introvert that I am I don't say this, but instead smile, say a thanks and move along, but still. It isn't Halloween, why do people keep assuming that my autumn/winter wear is a costume. =/

I'm curious to see what happens after Halloween has passed and I'm still wearing my hood, cape, and tail. People won't be able to call it a costume then. :P
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 *Note: This post is based on my observations of common trends and personal experiences and may not apply to every therian.

A therian is someone who feels they are in part or in whole, spiritually or psychologically a nonhuman animal.

A therian is someone who feels there's something physically wrong with the body they're in, but can't always explain what it is or why.

A therian is someone who comes to the realization that they don't feel right in a human body.

A therian is someone who spends months, often years, telling themselves what they're feeling is crazy. They can't possibly be an animal with a human body.

A therian is someone who represses their nonhuman feelings, despite how much pain it causes them, because society tells them they can't possibly be real.

A therian is someone who finally finds others like them, and slowly releases the suffocating grip they've had on themselves, trying to hide who they really are.

This therian is using her past experiences to advocate for her kind. That we don't need to accept our lot in life. That it's too short to spend it hiding ourselves away, and that we shouldn't have to.

To sem-quote a wonderful movie. "The status is not quo. This world is a mess" and we need to educate it.

And sometimes simply standing up and being yourself is enough.

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 My family loves carving pumpkins every year in October, and this year I was feeling particularly inspired by a certain swan I know, so I tried carving an artistic-like pumpkin featuring her. :3

and here's a photo of our three pumpkins next to each other. From left to right, Mine, my younger sister's (she asked me to make her a wolf stencil for her to carve ^^), and my mom's. My dad didn't carve one cause he was too busy making the guts into roasted pumpkin seeds, and my other sister was too busy to join us.
3 pumpkins carved with a swan, wolf, and penguin

I love pumpkin carving. I want to go out and buy more now so I can practice and make more intricate and unique carvings. ^^

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it's been a busy month. Around the beginning of it I got a email saying Guild Wars 2 was now up for preorder. I've been eagerly waiting for this game for over a year so I was geeked beyond words. Sadly we were out of spending money for the month, so my husband said I would have to wait. In that time I managed to get this one. :3
Felkes Dragon-sona
Like it? It's my dragon-sona and namesake, Felkes. I got the inspiration for her once during a cameo shift. I felt my phantom body very strongly so I quickly did a mental scan of myself so I could remember what I "looked" like and out came her. I've since come to the conclusion that while I may not be dragonkin, I believe I'm definitely dragon-hearted.

Anyways, I hope anyone who sees this likes that. Though I don't know or how many folks that will be since I don't really have any friends on this site....I'm really just writing to a wall here, but hey, it's better than tumblr. That site is a serious rage fest. :P

Well after I finished this picture, about a week after, my mate surprises me by saying he bought me the collector's edition of Guild Wars 2 as an early birthday present. This got us into the beta which was last weekend.

I could hardly sleep the night before I was so excited, at 3pm EST I was at my computer logging it, but I found out pretty quickly I had a problem. My laptop, Coco, wasn't powerful enough to handle the game. She was getting maybe 15 fps tops, and the lag was so bad I could barely move let alone fight.

My mate tried to help me fix it, but nothing we did made it better. I had spent the entire week optimizing my pc, defragging, cleaning, even deleting a lot of programs and files to make room, but it was all for naught. The game just wouldn't run well on my lappy. My mate spent that evening looking at bare bones kits on TigerDirect, trying to find me a new computer. He managed to find a nice desktop; 2 core 3.0 ghz processor, 4 gb ram, 500gb hard drive (twice Coco's size), and a separate graphics card. A Nvidia Geforce 220 with 1gb internal memory.

It's leagues better than poor Coco, who had a 250 gb hard drive, 2 core 2.1 processor, 3 gb ram, and an ATI Radeon 4100 graphics card, with no internal memory. During the beta weekend I had to share my husband's desktop, playing when he was asleep. I got enough time, I am on an almost totally opposite schedule from him after all, but his desk is messy and it wasn't the same as having my own computer.

But fourish days after we ordered it, it came. I now have my tower completely set up and have my own nice new desktop computer. The only thing I'm missing, and what makes it somewhat hard to use, is a monitor. Right now I'm using my tv, which is a 40" hd thing, but that's kind of rough. My vision is awful and I have to sit really rather close to it to see anything, and we had quite a bit of trouble getting it to show my desktop properly. It's working now, but it made my mate start looking into buying a new one, since this one gave us so much trouble. We don't really need it, but I'm a sucker for new tech and can't really say no if he can find us a nice one for a good price. ^^

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 Yep, so I first saw mention of this Dreamwidth through AnOtherWiki, which I found through a post on Tumblr. I'm still just sort of feeling my way around here, it feels similar to Live Journal, but with a slightly better interface and layout. Hopefully I'll have things to contribute to my thingy here. ^^;

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