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2012-10-29 10:37 pm

But it's not Halloween...

The cold weather's rolled around again, and with it I pull out my off-brand wolf spirithood and grey winter cape (I hate coats, they're too restricting on my upper torso). On top of this, I've taken to almost always wearing my grey wolf tail when I go out. At literally every public location I've gone to, the grocery store, the bank, even walking around my neighborhood I get some kind of comment along the lines of "nice costume". My mental response every time has been "but it's not Halloween. This isn't a costume, this is just how I dress."
Being the introvert that I am I don't say this, but instead smile, say a thanks and move along, but still. It isn't Halloween, why do people keep assuming that my autumn/winter wear is a costume. =/

I'm curious to see what happens after Halloween has passed and I'm still wearing my hood, cape, and tail. People won't be able to call it a costume then. :P
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2012-10-15 10:52 pm

Pumpkin Carving

 My family loves carving pumpkins every year in October, and this year I was feeling particularly inspired by a certain swan I know, so I tried carving an artistic-like pumpkin featuring her. :3

and here's a photo of our three pumpkins next to each other. From left to right, Mine, my younger sister's (she asked me to make her a wolf stencil for her to carve ^^), and my mom's. My dad didn't carve one cause he was too busy making the guts into roasted pumpkin seeds, and my other sister was too busy to join us.
3 pumpkins carved with a swan, wolf, and penguin

I love pumpkin carving. I want to go out and buy more now so I can practice and make more intricate and unique carvings. ^^